The Day to Night Mask 


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The Day to NIght Mask is the world’s first antiviral, pure silk face mask, combining safety and style like never before. Made from 100% silk, the Day to Night Mask is the perfect option for those seeking a touch of glamour during the day and in to the night.

The Day to Night Mask is scientifically proven to continuously destroy Coronavirus. Both the outer fabric and the inner filtration layer are treated with antiviral technology, providing protection from both the contraction and spread of viruses and bacteria. Quite simply, unlike other face masks, the Day to Night Mask offers protection to you and those around you. As vaccination progresses and the world begins to return to normality, the Day to Night Mask will provide you with the ultimate confidence in both your daily and social interactions.

Our revolutionary, washable face mask uses HeiQ Viroblock technology, which is not only proven to be effective against Coronavirus, but also other viruses, bacteria and fungi. The application of this antiviral technology significantly decreases the risk of cross-contamination; that is, the transfer of active viruses and bacteria from the masks onto hands and other surfaces. You can therefore remove and re-apply the Day to Night Mask multiple times on a daily basis.

Washable once weekly, with durable antiviral properties, the Day to Night Mask is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mask for regular use. It is the perfect option to keep you safe during your daily activities and carrying you through a social evening.

Size and Fit

The below table provides general guidance on sizing. The nose plate and elastic ear straps can be manually adjusted to fit the contours of your face.

Please note that the sizing information above should act as a guide only. We are unable to offer refunds for masks that do not fit. See our Terms of Sale for further information.


The Day to Night Mask has an 100% satin silk outer which is treated with antiviral technology. The inner layer is made from 100% mulberry silk, for enhanced comfort, luxury and breathability.

The three-layer filtration material inside the Everyday Mask is 100% polyethelyne and offers a bacterial filtration efficiency of >98%. The filtration material has also been treated with antiviral technology, for added protection and peace of mind. It has been tested to and meets Type IIR standards as set out in EN14683:2019.


We recommend that your face mask is stored in a clean bag or box, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

The Day to Night Mask should be washed as required; we recommend that if it is used for extended periods and on a daily basis, that it is hand washed weekly in lukewarm water.

To maintain the Day to Night Mask’s antiviral properties, we ask that you do not use any detergent or bleach and dry naturally, out of direct sunlight. The mask can be lightly steamed to remove any creases, but should not be ironed.

Each Day to Night Mask can be washed up to 30 times.