> How do I fit my OmniProtect face mask?

Place the mask flat to your face, ensuring that the internal metal plate sits over your nose. The metal plate can be adjusted to fit the contours of your face by simply pressing down on it gently. Hook the elastic straps around your ears and adjust the toggle so that the mask fits comfortably.

> Can the OmniProtect face mask be worn with glasses?

Yes – the mask sits below the bridge of the nose and can therefore comfortably be worn with glasses.

> What size face mask should I buy?

We recommend a size M for adult females and L for adult males. We do not currently offer face masks for children.

> Can I share my OmniProtect face mask with another family member?

We do not recommend that you share your mask with anyone else. 

> How do I clean my OmniProtect face mask?

Your face mask should be washed, by hand, in cold water. Do not use detergent or bleach. Once you have washed your face mask, hang it to dry naturally, avoiding direct sunlight.

> How often should I clean my OmniProtect face mask?

We recommend that you wash your face mask weekly.

> What happens after 30 washes?

After 30 washes the material begins to lose its charge, which is what gives the mask the ability to kill viruses and bacteria.

> Is the OmniProtect face mask environmentally friendly?

Yes – one OmniProtect face mask is effective for up to 210 uses, therefore reducing the need for 210 single disposable masks per user to end up in landfill. 

> Is the OmniProtect face mask cost effective?

Yes – the OmniProtect face mask is priced at £29.99 and effective for 210 uses. This is equivalent to 14 pence per use, which is significantly cheaper than the majority of single use masks on the market.

> How does the technology work?

Livinguard technology works to capture and destroy viruses and bacteria (microbes). The treated textiles have a “charge”, which acts as a magnet for microbes. This positive charge is more powerful than the negative charge of the microbes, and as a result they explode and are destroyed.

> Is the technology safe?

Tests have shown that the treated material maintains its properties without leaching (releasing) poisonous chemicals. It is therefore safe for skin contact.

> How does the OmniProtect face mask differ from others which claim to be antibacterial?

Conventional N95 masks simply filter droplets and particles that may carry viruses. These trapped viruses are still alive and can still travel through the layers of the mask. By contrast, the OmniProtect mask offers three layers of filtration, and actively destroys the viruses and bacteria on impact, offering additional protection.

Masks claiming to be “antibacterial” are often treated with silver, zinc, or copper etc, which are reprotoxic. They can be harmful to humans and cause skin irritation. Whilst they absorb and kill bacteria, they do not claim to do the same for viruses.

> Will the OmniProtect mask stop me from catching Covid-19?

Whilst the technology will destroy the virus responsible for COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that the face mask will prevent you from contracting COVID-19. The use of the OmniProtect face mask does not substitute the need for good personal hygiene, such as hand washing. It cannot prevent infection when the mask is not worn, or in instances where the virus may enter the respiratory tract through other means, such as from a person’s hands.